Typical results of Plaswall formed walls :

STD Sound 48 for a 4 inch wall

STD Sound 53 for a 6 inch wall

STD Sound 58 for a 8 inch wall

STD Sound 60 for a 10 inch wall

STD Sound 63 for 12 inch wall

Fire 4 inch wall min 2 hours

Fire 6 inch wall min 3 hours

Fire 8 inch wall min 4 hours

Compressive strength ranges from 1000 psi for non load bearing applications to 4,000 psi for load bearing structures , all walls steel reinforced as per shear wall design specs .

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Thermal Insulation amy be added to our walling systems either internally or externally , however our recomendation is insulation applied externaly in the form of a laminated sandwich ( Thermawall) or a external insulation system product .


Insulation propertys :  Click here

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