CNC cut signages any style or type available in woodgrain or plain finish

Woodgrain Products


Woodgrain products made from special wood embossed fibrecement boards have the look and feel of timber with non of the downsides , termite and rot proof , now designers can have wood with out the issues , even the items can be structural load bearing elements , simple fast alternative to wood .

As many designers love the soft look of natural wood but hate the maintance and durbality issues of real wood we have developed woodgrain fibrecement products to give that required look but with durabilty and performance in all enviroments .

ranges include , fencing , planters , structural landscape , building mouldings and trims , furniture both internal and outside , pergolas and trellises , carports , posts and signages ( new product) , in fact anything made of wood we can reproduce and it can be cosmetic or structural .

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