Established in the year 2002 by Mr Mark Taylor Sterling  Contruction and Developement Corporation was opened to provide an alternative to tradditional methods of construction of homes and structures , Mr Taylor from a back ground of Oil and Gas used his experience to devise and design many inovative methods to make construction faster , cleaner , stronger and more ecomomical , technically partnering with James Hardie in 2002 Mr Taylor was able to use James Hardies products to develop new ways to build homes  , over the years more and more inovation has been added together with improved methodology to create what we now call Ecotechsynergz line of building solutions ranging from formworks to window and door modules to woodgrain products to an inovative clamping systems allowing faster construction using readymix concrete plus many decorative and woodgrain products to give the look of wood with the durability of concrete and finaly using the walls to provide a cheaper faster method of scaffold access on buildings called form-lock access .

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